Your transportation partner - AmFreight LLC!

We know what matters to you! You want your cargo to arrive safely and on-time. You also want to spend the least expense while doing it. All these requisites are seamlessly met when you choose AmFreight LLC as your logistics partner.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Arranging of Transportation Service with Van

Do you need to transport your cargo locally or to a nearby state? AmFreight LLC accepts requests for ground van transportation. We can arrange for pick-up and delivery at your convenience.


Our flatbed transportation solutions are just the right fit if you need to make a long-distance delivery. We can move your freight safely and on-time. We can also facilitate short-range spot shipments to various destinations.

Step Deck

With our Step Deck Freight Transportation, we can handle all types, weights, and volumes of load. With other providers, you might have problems if your cargo size exceeds the allowable height of most flatbed trailers. But because of AmFreight LLC’s versatile step deck, we can handle tall or large shipments.

Double Drop RGN Trailers

A Double Drop RGN Trailer is also known as a “detach”. This type of transportation allows the load to be driven onto a trailer which makes it the perfect shipment option for stabilizing long or tall loads.

Rail and Overseas Shipping Arrangements

AmFreight LLC can facilitate rail and overseas shipments too. When your cargo needs to cross borders, we can handle it! We will also keep you informed once your freight has been picked-up and delivered to its next port or rail.

Power Only Service to Move Trailers

AmFreight LLC has the fleet and the crew to take Power Only Freight Hauling. When accepting pre-loaded trailers and will haul them with efficiency. You can expect fast and professional service all the way to drop off.

The way we do business at AmFreight LLC is simple. We maintain professionalism at all times, no matter the cost. We are fully-invested in keeping up with your schedule. Our team has been moving freight for many years and we cannot tell you enough just how important time management is when it comes to freight handling.

AmFreight LLC is the company to call when you can’t afford to lose a second if your cargo doesn’t arrive as expected. To get a quote for your next shipment, please call 888-327-6096 or send an online request.